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Deaf screams

Earthenware and iron
80 diam xh 25cm

The piece consists of 29 white clay vases of a height of  25cm grouped from a center, forming a circle of 80 cm in diameter in the form of a spiral or concentric movement.  This work speaks of violence and mainly of that exerted on women.


Shouts of wars, shouts of a woman forced into prostitution, shouts of people who suffer while we catch a bus or get placidly in bed. Two parallel realities, disconnected.

Screams ignored, forgotten, uncomfortable. Muffled screams, which are heard but not heard, are not attended to. Screams that are heard in the distance and that nobody wants to hear. Screams that form a circle from a growing, infinite spiral. Muffled screams, gasps in silence. It is the sound that draws the mouth and shapes it. The cry is a call to the silence of the void.

Gritos 1024x1024.tif
Detalle Gristos sordos.TIF
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