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Cristina Figarola Comas, was born in Barcelona in 1962, where she currently lives.  Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Cuenca in 1995.  After having spent a few years dedicated to painting and sculpture, he decided to dedicate himself to the design and production of lamps, in search of a useful facet to artistic activity.

With his first lamp company, LUZ DE LUZ, he turned to the creation, more than design objects, of small sculptures, which often made reference to everyday images.  From there the "Houses of Light" were born, and  "The tube" and the "Bottles of Light".

The Totora lamp was undoubtedly one of his most successful projects. In both the metal and fabric screen versions, it was produced and marketed directly internationally for several years. At present, this commercial activity has been transferred to the Carpyen Lighting company.


In 2011, after 15 years working in the design and production of lamps, he decided to return to sculpture as a freer form of artistic expression. With the discovery of clay and the technique of the potter's wheel, she began a new artistic path.
He is currently working on the creation of Totems, composed of stacked pieces of stoneware, which come from the field of utilitarian ceramics. He uses shapes with expressive deformations, fitting them into columns of variable composition. Natural materials (black, white and earth) also add colour to these markedly vertical forms. These pieces are very easy to place in interior or exterior spaces as they have a reduced base of 40x 40cm and a variable height of a maximum of 2m.

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