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B&W Totems
& Totems 24, 25

White stoneware, black stoneware and iron

Totems composed of stacked ceramic pieces, which come from the field of utilitarian ceramics.


Bowls, vases, plates, which when taken out of context become geometric, abstract figures.

This B&N collection plays with these two colors, making the different pieces with white stoneware and  black, or painting them with black slip.

_DSC2612 copia (1).jpg
Organic Totem 12 (1).jpg
_DSC2598 (1).jpg
Organic Totem 12 (1).jpg
_DSC2591 (2021-07-15T08_24_01.253) (2).jpg
_Organics Totem 1 B&W (1).jpg
_Organics Totem 1 B&W (1).jpg
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