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Necklaces 2, 3,
4 & 5

Stoneware and iron
200x 40x40cm

NECKLACES  The series of sculptures "Necklaces" are combinations of deformed or geometric organic rings, of  white stoneware.


They are made with cut, circular or oval cylindrical ceramic pieces, and other pieces of various shapes.

As the name suggests, the sculptures arise from the idea of a bead. From an ornament formed by a set of beads strung on an iron rod that creates vertical shapes.

The pieces made from the circle and subsequently deformed in a subtle way,  they also suggest natural forms, of the vegetal universe.

Cristina_Figarola_Sesion_1_Alta_ok-13 (1).jpg
22 copia.jpg
32 copia2.jpg
25 copia (1).jpg
32 copia.jpg
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