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Suspension lamp
Screen structure of 80cm diam.

Byblos was born, in collaboration with Juli Perez-Catalá, from the need for a suspension lamp for a new space that serves as a dining room, reading place and workspace. Is about  a glazed gallery open to the garden of the house.

We think of a large screen lined with books as an extension of the library, in contrast to the coldness of the space resolved in iron and glass.

Like a large shell, the books are arranged by closing the outer face of the metal frame, the base structure of the screen. They are fixed with tweezers, so that it is an interchangeable finish for other books, magazines, photos or drawings. It is a living and changing lamp according to the use that you want to give it.  Inside you can read poems or images from those open books and selected by yourself. It is also useful to observe them while the conversation with the diners goes on ...

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