Born 1962 in Barcelona, where she lives currently.


Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art at Cuenca University in 1995.

After dedicating several years to painting and sculpture, she decides to dedicate to the design and production of lamps, in search of a useful facet of the artistic activity.


With her first lamp company, LUZ DE LUZ (Light of Light), she devoted herself to the creation of small sculptures rather than design objects, which often referred to everyday images. The projects “Casas de Luz” (Houses of Light), “El tubo” (The Tube) and “Botellas de Luz” (Bottles of Light) came into the world during this period.


La lamp “Totora” was without doubt one of her most successful projects. She produced and commercialized it internationally and directly during several years, both with metal and fabric shade. Nowadays, the commercial activity has been transferred to the company Carpyen Iluminación.


In 2011, after 15 years working in the design and production of lamps, she decides to return to sculpture as a freer form of artistic expression. After discovering clay and the potter’s wheel technique, she begins a new artistic path.


Nowadays, she is working in the creation of totems, consisting of piled up terracota pieces from the area of utility ceramics. She uses shapes with expressive deformations, fitting them into pillars of variable composition. The natural materials (black, white and earth) provide color to these distinctly vertical shapes. The pieces are easy to place in interior or exterior spaces thanks to a small base of 40 x 40 cm and a variable height of maximum 2 mt.


Lover of utility ceramics, of formal and elegant simplicity, she investigates its transformation into artistic objects, exempt from their original utility. The utility ceramics of great beauty, put out of context, turn into abstract geometric figures.

Cristina Figarola

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