Deaf Shouts



80 diam x h 25cm 

War shouts, shouts of women forced to prostitute themselves, shouts of people that suffer while we take a bus or go to bed placidly. Two parallel, disconnected realities.

Ignored, forgotten, uncom- fortable shouts. Deaf shouts, that are heard but not listened to, not paid attention. Shouts that are heard in the distance and that nobody wants to hear. Shouts that form a circle starting from a growing, infinite spiral. Deaf shouts, shouts drowned in silence. It’s the sound the mouth draws and models. The shout is a call to the silence of the emptiness.


The piece is made up of 29 vases of white clay, all of them 25 cm high and gathered around a center, set up in a circle of 80 cm in diameter in the shape of a spiral or concentric movement.


This work speaks of violence and mainly of the violence against women.


Cristina Figarola

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