Suspension lamp


The BYBLOS lamp is a huge shade structure measuring 80 cm in diameter.

BYBLOS springs from the need of a suspension lamp for a new space that functions as dining room, reading and working space. This space is a glazed gallery open to the garden.

We thought of a huge shade covered with books as an extension of the library, in contrast to the coldness of the room’s design, consisting of iron and glass.


As if it were a shell, the books are arranged covering the exterior side of the metal frame, which is the shade’s base. The books are fixed with binder clips in order to make the shade interchangeable with other books, magazines, pictures or paintings. It’s a vivid and changeable lamp that adapts to the use one wants to give it.


On its interior side, you can read poems or see images in the open book chosen by you. It’s also interesting to watch them while the conversation with the guests flows...